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Lifelong Integrated Education by Populace Initiative in the History of Education
Human Restoration toward the Century of Life
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Housewife and International Conference
The Path to Lifelong Integrated Education
Japanese edition
The Mainichi Newspapers
249 pages in duodecimo.
1,456 yen +tax
English edition
The Mainichi Newspapers
2,500 yen +tax
Chinese edition
Nankai University Press
2,500 yen +tax
German edition
Lebenslange Integrierte Erziehun
- Japanische Frauen entwickeln globale Pädagegik

Agenda Freiden Publishers
2,500 yen +tax
Arabic edition
Al Aharam Newspaper Publishers
2,500 yen +tax

*** About the Book ***

"The Life, the Question. The Death, the Answer.
This is my profound conviction in life, and I am sure that there exists something in common between Mrs. Nomura's idea of lifelong integrated education and my concept of life."

Message from
the late Tetsuzo Tanigawa, Philosopher
Chapter 1
Housewife and International Conference
* The 2nd International Forum on Lifelong Integrated Education, Paris
* A Long Path - A Bridge Spanning from East to West
Chapter 2
Family, A Human Being, Lifelong Integrated Education

* The 3rd Van Cle World Conference, Brussels
* The 30th WEF World Conference, London
* The World Conference on Mental Health, Salzburg
* The World Conference on Occupational Mental Health, Stockholm
Chapter 3
On the Future of the World

* A Discussion with Dr. Ettore Gelpi in Paris
* A Discussion with Dr. Paul Lengrand in Nice
...from the Contents
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