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Regional Conference
Held in each prefecture and region reflecting local characteristics

The 1st Regional Conference in Shizuoka, 1976

The 3rd Regional Conference in Kanagawa, 1981

The 2nd Kansai Regional Conference, 1992

The 10th Regional Conference in Miyazaki commemorating the 25th anniversary of Miyazaki branch, 2000

Regional Conference on Lifelong Integrated Education commemorating the 25th anniversary of Nagano branch, 2000

The 2nd Gunma Regional Conference, 2007

The 6th Shizuoka Regional Conference, 2008

The 12th Miyazaki Regional Conference commemorating the 35th anniversary of Miyazaki branch, 2011

The 6th Nagano Regional Conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Foundation of Nomura Center, 2013

The 1st Miyagi Regional Conference, 2015
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