Domestic International Cooperation
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Extending assistance through non-governmental aid organization.

Extending relief and financial assistance to the victims of natural calamities.

At Hanshin Earthquake

At Great East Japan Earthquake

Extending assistance through international organizations.

  1. Cooperation with UNICEF
  2. Cooperation with UNESCO Co-Action Program
  3. Financial assistance to UNESCO Fellowship Bank Scheme from 1995 for 10 years. (As for 1998-2000, the fund was offered as "Nomura Scholarship Programme" for girls in minority poverty-stricken areas in China)
  4. Financial contribution to the UIL CONFINTEA Scholarship Programme in the name of the Nomura Center CONFINTEA Scholarship from 2012 for five years.

Extending financial assistance to educational projects.

Extending assistance and cooperation to overseas branches.

Extending assistance and cooperation to victims of
natural calamities in foreign countries.

Palestinian Branch

Bulgarian Branch
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