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Universal Appeal for an Immediate Truce in Iraq
Copernican revolution in thinking needed to end the vicious cycle of terrorism and war
Universal Appeal for an Immediate Truce in Iraq
To all organizations of international civil society,
and to lovers of peace throughout the world, Greetings.
The Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education is an international non-governmental organization based in Tokyo. We are committed to a human renaissance for the new century; that is to the establishment of new relations of order founded in authentic and peaceful coexistence, and to the creation of a new civilization founded on universal values and human rights. Although allusions are frequently made to a gclash of civilizationsh or gwars between religions,h we all know that civilizations do not clash and religions do not fight with one another. It is always human beings who compete and fight in the name of civilization and religion. This is evidenced now in the new gulf war.

Please study the universal appeal below and seek the approval of your governing body. If you agree with it,

1) please endorse and forward this appeal to Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations Organization. The address is:

2) please send a separate e-mail with the appeal to the President of the 57th General Assembly of the United Nations Organization: Ambassador Jan Kavan of the Czech Republic. The address is

3) as the UN is a world organization, and if you have the capacity, please endorse and send the appeal to all member delegations of the United Nations. Contact by e-mail each UN delegation separately.
Go to UN Homepage, select glanguageh, select gmember statesh, select ghome pages of permanent missionsh, select gclick here to search all websitesh, enter the word gEmailh in search box. You will get the e-mail addresses for most of the UN delegations (191 permanent member states and others). Ask that the appeal be shared with all appropriate members of the member delegation. If you have the capacity, the same message can be sent to each of many addressees with only the one address showing on the message. Otherwise, your e-mail will begin by listing all the addresses and this will be ineffective;

4) please share the appeal with all your members and appropriate contacts in your address book and/or data base.

March 27, 2003
Sincerely yours,

Yoshiko Nomura
Director General
Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education

Universal Appeal for an Immediate Truce in Iraq

The failure of diplomatic efforts to prevent war in Iraq should not end the struggle of the world's peoples to stop it. Surely, the most fundamental of human rights is life, and the most essential of universal values is peace. Violence at all levels of human existence gives birth to counter violence and the malignancy of hate. The claim that wars are fought to end future wars is an ancient and discredited golden lie. The nature of war is the depraved organization of violence, and the endless recreation of conflict. War is a confession - of abject and utter failure; it is a foolish and naive expression of the darker side of human nature embodied in the higher terrorism of states.


that the United Nations Organization now faces a profound legitimation crisis, testing whether any such project for international peace and security may now endure, or whether the peoples of the world shall be captive, now and tomorrow, to martial force, and

that the role of the United Nations must not be reduced to simple humanitarian assistance in the aftermath of massive violence, and

that it is time for all workers for peace to reaffirm the opening words of the Charter of the United Nations: "We the peoples of the United Nations, determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war...," and

that all members and affiliates of the UN have the proactive duty to eradicate the causes of wars, not merely to pick up the pieces of shattered lives and broken dreams, and

that it is not sufficient for this crisis to be debated only by official voices, representing the unequal power of states,


that it is a universal moral imperative for the organizations of international civil society to mobilize and to speak with a single voice, and

that given the antidemocratic power of the veto, the Security Council is not always the appropriate forum to register the collective will of the world community, and

that for this reason, and in due course, the General Assembly must do its sacred duty in emergency session to take up the question of an immediate truce in Iraq, and

that NGO's must immediately contact and encourager states of the United Nations Organization to convene such a session, for

to stand silent when confronted with the scourge of war is an ethical crime against humanity.
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