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Education that Links Continuity of Life
KOMOREBI - Dappled Sunlight beneath the Trees
Collection of 50 essays and 11 pieces of colored sketches of flowers by the author.
Japanese edition
Kado Sobo
Included in the reading list selected by the Japan Library Association.
205 pages in crown 8vo.
2,000 yen +tax

English edition
The Mainichi Newspapers
3,100 yen (tax incl.)

*** About the Book ***

My periodic thoughts and essays have now been put together in book form ... ... I did find time in my busy schedule, however, to put together some thoughts to share with you ... ... The exercise vividly brought back many precious memories and this collection of fifty essays that parallels the development of our efforts together is very important and dear to me.
(From the Postscripts)
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