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KOMOREBI | Human Restoration toward the Century of Life
Education: Growing Together | Education: Growing Together 2
Housewife and International Conference
Lifelong Integrated Education by Populace Initiative in the History of Education

Education that Links Continuity of Life
Housewife and International Conference
The Path to Lifelong Integrated Education
Japanese edition
The Mainichi Newspapers
249 pages in duodecimo.
1,456 yen +tax
English edition
The Mainichi Newspapers
2,500 yen (tax incl.)
Chinese edition
Nankai University Press
2,500 yen (tax incl.)
German edition
Lebenslange Integrierte Erziehun
- Japanische Frauen entwickeln globale Pädagegik

Agenda Freiden Publishers
2,500 yen (tax incl.)
Arabic edition
Al Aharam Newspaper Publishers
2,500 yen (tax incl.)

*** About the Book ***

"The Life, the Question. The Death, the Answer.
This is my profound conviction in life, and I am sure that there exists something in common between Mrs. Nomura's idea of lifelong integrated education and my concept of life."

Message from
the late Tetsuzo Tanigawa, Philosopher
Chapter 1
Housewife and International Conference
* The 2nd International Forum on Lifelong Integrated Education, Paris
* A Long Path - A Bridge Spanning from East to West
Chapter 2
Family, A Human Being, Lifelong Integrated Education

* The 3rd Van Cle World Conference, Brussels
* The 30th WEF World Conference, London
* The World Conference on Mental Health, Salzburg
* The World Conference on Occupational Mental Health, Stockholm
Chapter 3
In the Future of the World

* A Discussion with Dr. Ettore Gelpi in Paris
* A Discussion with Dr. Paul Lengrand in Nice
...from the Contents
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