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Education that Links Continuity of Life
Education that Links Continuity of Life
Japanese edition
192 pages in duodecimo.
2,000 yen +tax

English edition
175 pages in duodecimo
2,000 yen +tax

*** About the Book ***

Succeeding the Legacy In gratitude for the Founder
Succeeding the Spirit of the Founding Director General
What is Demanded in a Time of Change
The 300th Issue of the Organization's Newsletter
Keynote Addresses: The Principles of Education handed down from the Founder Lifelong Integrated Education
The Value and Role of Family
Lifelong Integrated Education
Considering the Present Society where the Humanity is Lost
Lifelong Integrated Education
Role of Japan in the World
Lifelong Integrated Education
What should we be doing now?
Lifelong Integrated Education
Origin of Education Origin of Human Beings
New Year Greetings The proposition assigned to us now
Deepening self-perception and broader networking
To do the utmost effort on this moment
Grave responsibility we have to assume
To restore the spirit invisible to the eyes
Practice and poof: The principles of education by the Founder
Solid footing for harmony: Practice of the principles in the real context of life
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