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International Lecture Meeting

At the Academic Lecture Meeting commemorating the establishment of Korean Association for Lifelong Integrated Education, 1981

Attended the 13th International Conference of IRTAC, Calgary, Canada, 1988

At the International Seminar on Youth, Peace and Development at Andhra University in India, 1989

Invited by the Chinese Education Association for International Exchanges, Tianjin Branch, 1991

At the College for Girls, Ain Shams University in Egypt as a visiting Professor, 1993

At the 5th International Dialogue on a Transition to a Planetary Consciousness in Budapest, Hungary, 1996

Invited by OECD to the 5th UNESCO International Conference on Adult Education in Hamburg, Germany, 1997

As part of the 150th anniversary of exchanges between Japan and Germany, Mrs. Kaneko presented her lecture on the theme "Lifelong Integrated Education - Education that Links Continuity of Life" at the hall of the Japanese Embassy in Berlin, Germany, 2011
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