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Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education is the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation established by Mrs. Yoshiko Nomura, promoting voluntary activities for educational reform.
NAME This Foundation is called the Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education.
OFFICE Principal office of this Foundation is located at Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
AIM This Foundation, true to the basic principles of educational theory constructed by the Founder Yoshiko Nomura upholding the place of human being and his/her innate value derived from the oriental view of nature and of the human being, aims at contributing to enhancement of human qualities and creation of a rich culture by promoting learning and practice throughout one's life (hereafter to be called lifelong integrated education).
ACTIVITIES To achieve its stated aim this Foundation carries out the following activities:
(1) Conducts seminar courses and study sessions on lifelong integrated education.
(2) Organizes conferences and lectures on lifelong integrated education.
(3) Conducts international exchange programs and assistance related to lifelong integrated education.
(4) Provides financial assistance to participants in programs of the Foundation.
(5) Issues publications on lifelong integrated education.
(6) Conducts educational counseling and group discussions on lifelong integrated education.
(7) Cooperates and Assists other organizations that promote non-profitable activities.
(8) Conducts other activities necessary for achieving its aim.
Activities mentioned above are to be carried out within and out of Japan.
MEMBERSHIP Individuals and organizations that agree with the objectives of this Foundation and wish to assist it may become its members.
Regular members: 1,000 yen monthly
Special members: 10,000 yen monthly
Corporate (organizational) members: one or more units of 120,000 yen annually
LEARNERS Learners cover all age groups from zero-year-old babies to over ninety-year-old seniors. Nomura Center is consisted of Divisions of Infant Education, Juveniles, the Youth, Adults and the Aged according to the strata of age. Seminar Courses according to the full-year curriculum on Principles of Nomura Lifelong Integrated Education are offered.
In addition to the theoretical studies, Nomura Center coordinates and responds to the requests of dialogues, forums, conferences, lecture meetings among central and local educational administration, educational institutes, corporation, mass media and political parties and try to integrate their experiences and wisdoms.
Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education
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