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The Return to Wisdom
Report of Question and Answer Sessions of the 5th International Intensive Seminar on Nomura Lifelong Integrated Education

Japanese edition
256 pages
3,000 yen +tax

English edition

Trentham Books Ltd.
212 pages
3,500 yen (tax incl.)

*** About the Book ***

The principles of education born out of the Japanese view of nature
Countries of Participants
(16 countries)
The discussion between Mrs. Nomura and the twenty participants from different racial, cultural, religious and ideological backgrounds conducted over eight days was without doubt 'a dialogue between civilizations', true to Mrs. Nomura's conviction that 'an encounter between individuals is an encounter between cultures and civilizations'......

This report tells eloquently how change has taken place in the consciousness of the participants after studying and practising the theory of Nomura Lifelong Integrated Education which seeks to awaken human society on the brink of catastrophe by returning to the wisdom and cosmic will that transcend human intelligence and reason.

Bangladesh Norway
Bosnia & Herzegovina Russia
Bulgaria Palestine
China Slovakia
Czech South Africa
Egypt U.K.
India U.S.A.
Israel Japan
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